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More local support than any other candidate.



Statewide Elected Officials

Eleni Kounalakis, Lieutenant Governor of California
Malia Cohen, California Board of Equalization
Phil Angelides, Former California State Treasurer


US House Of Representatives

Jackie Speier, U.S. Congresswomen

Anna Eshoo, U.S. Congresswomen

Mike Thompson, U.S. Congressman


State Senate

Susan Rubio, State Senator
Jerry Hill, Former State Senator

Josh Becker, State Senator


State Assembly

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Assemblymember
Lisa Calderon, Assemblymember
Ken Cooley, Assemblymember
Jim Cooper, Assemblymember
Rob Rivas, Assemblymember
Blanca Rubio, Assemblymember
Carlos Villapudua, Assemblymember
Art Agnos, Former Assemblymember
Jim Cunneen, Former Assemblymember

Kevin Mullin, Assemblymember


County Boards Of Supervisors

Don Horsley, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors President
Carole Groom, San Mateo County Supervisor
Warren Slocum, San Mateo County Supervisor

Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor
Adrienne Tissier, Former San Mateo County Supervisor



Julia Mates, Belmont Mayor
Richa Aswathi, Foster City Mayor
Alvin Royse, Hillsborough Mayor
Anne Oliva, Millbrae Mayor
Ricardo Ortiz, Burlingame Mayor
Rico Medina, San Bruno Mayor
Coleen Mackin, Brisbane Mayor
Deborah Ruddock, Half Moon Bay Mayor
Mark Nagales, South San Francisco Mayor
Marge Colapietro, Former Millbrae Mayor
Ian Bain, Former Redwood City Mayor
Bob Grassilli, Former San Carlos Mayor
Claire Mack, Former San Mateo Mayor
Joe Galligan, Former Burlingame Mayor
Wayne Lee, Former Millbrae Mayor
Karyl Matsumoto, Former South San Francisco Mayor
Rich Garbarino, Former South San Francisco Mayor

(Partial List) Titles For Identification Purposes Only

Vice Mayors And City Councilmembers

Eric Rodriguez, San Mateo City Councilmember
Joe Goethals, San Mateo City Councilmember
Tom McCune, Belmont Vice Mayor
Warren Lieberman, Belmont City Councilmember
Charles Stone, Belmont City Councilmember
Adam Rak, San Carlos Vice Mayor
Patrick Sullivan, Foster City Councilmember
Donna Colson, Burlingame City Councilmember
Ann O’Brien Keighran, Burlingame City Councilmember
Christine Krolik, Hillsborough Vice Mayor
Marie Chuang, Hillsborough City Councilmember
Dr. Sophie Cole, Hillsborough City Councilmember
Gina Papan, Millbrae Vice Mayor
Reuben Holober, Millbrae City Councilmember
Michael Salazar, San Bruno Vice Mayor
Ray Buenaventura, Daly City Vice Mayor
Michael Brownrigg, Burlingame Vice Mayor
Buenaflor Nicolas Nicolas, South San Francisco Vice Mayor
Mark Addiego, South San Francisco City Councilmember
Madison Davis, Brisbane City Councilmember
Karen Cunningham, Brisbane City Councilmember
Juslyn Manalo, Daly City Councilmember
Glenn Sylvester, Daly City Councilmember
Sue Vaterlaus, Pacifica City Councilmember
Sue Beckmeyer, Pacifica City Councilmember
Tygarjas Bigstyck, Pacifica City Councilmember
Elizabeth Lewis, Atherton Town Councilmember
Janet Borgens, Former Redwood City Councilmember

Flor Nicholas, South San Francisco Vice Mayor 

Boards, Commissions And Community Leaders

Maeley Tom, Former CAO of the State Legislature
Daniel Guiney, Lieutenant at San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
Susan Manheimer, Retired San Mateo Police Chief
John Healy, Retired San Mateo Consolidated Fire Chief
Lawrence W. Cappel, Peninsula Health Care District Board of Directors
Helen Galligan, R.N., Peninsula Health Care District Board of Directors
Frank Pagliaro, Peninsula Health Care District Board of Directors
Tom Nuris, San Mateo County Community College Board Trustee
Lisa Petrides, San Mateo County Community College Board Trustee

John Pimentel, San Mateo Community College Board Trustee
Dr. Joan Rosas, Former Superintendent of San Mateo/Foster City School District
Linda Lees Dwyer, San Mateo Union High School Trustee Vice President
Greg Land, San Mateo Union High School District Trustee/Clerk
Ken Chin, San Mateo/Foster City School District Trustee
Annie Tsai, San Mateo/Foster City School Foundation Trustee
Florence Wong, Burlingame Elementary School District Trustee
Denis Fama, Millbrae School Board of Trustee
Lynne Ferrario, Millbrae School District Trustee
Maggie Musa, Millbrae School District Trustee
Dennis McBride, Former Redwood City School Board President
Patricia Murray, South San Francisco Unified School District Trustee
Marc Friedman, Former San Mateo Union High School District Trustee
Cliff Robbins, San Mateo Sustainability & Infrastructure Commissioner
Mike Etheridge, Former San Mateo Planning Commissioner
Harini Krishnan, San Mateo County Arts Commissioner
Lisa Diaz Nash, San Mateo Library Commission
Elizabeth DeWinter, San Mateo Library Commission
Rod Linhares, San Mateo Library Commission
Mary Morrissey Parden, Belmont Chamber of Commerce President
Sandra Lang, Former County Commission on Aging
Linda Gemello, Fmr. Associate Justice, First District Court of Appeal, Division Five


“As your next Assemblymember, Diane Papan will champion pre-K programs for low-income students and tuition-free community college to ensure every student who wants to attend our programs can do so. #ElectDianePapan”

– Lisa Petrides, San Mateo County Community College Trustee


“Join me in supporting San Mateo City Councilmember Diane Papan as your next Assemblymember. She’ll fight for the prosperity and well-being of all Californians.”

– Eleni Kounalakis, Lieutenant Governor


“As a regional leader who gets results, there is no better champion for our local communities. Remember to vote Diane Papan for Assembly in November.”


– Eric Rodriguez, San Mateo City Council Member

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