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The only other candidate in this race has suspended her candidacy.  Make a strong statement by voting YES on Prop. 1 and Diane Papan for State Assembly.

Fighting for
Reproductive Rights

“This November, join me in the fight to protect reproductive freedom – the right to an abortion and access to contraceptives regardless of socioeconomic status.  Vote YES on Proposition 1 and get involved in our San Mateo County-based Task Force to protect these freedoms....”

– Diane

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I Proudly Stand for:

  • Reproductive Choice
  • Protecting California’s ban on assault weapons 
  • Investing in Wildfire Prevention
  • Creating Compassionate, Effective Solutions to Homelessness
  • Reducing the Impacts of Drought and Climate Change
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Planned Parenthood, California Nurses and Firefighters Stand With Diane

To get involved in the fight locally to protect reproductive freedom,

The Daily Journal

Diane Papan is a fighter, does her research and is passionate about constituent service. She is incredibly skilled at balancing ever-competing needs to come up with a solution that works best for everyone…

She can move us forward while striking a balance that makes the most sense to most of us. She would hit the ground Running


The Daily Journal – May 10, 2022 (Excerpted)

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Contribute to Diane Papan's Campaign

Make a contribution to Diane Papan's election campaign.

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